All Membership Enquiries to Emma Phillips: 07840 881970

Membership commences on the 1st April (Trout Fishing), 1st May(Coarse Fishing) and terminates on the 30th November(Trout Fishing)14th March(Coarse Fishing) each year. 

As and when necessary the Chelmsford Angling Association Committee reserve the right to introduce the ruling whereby anyone wishing to coarse fish on any CAA water from the 1st May will be required to complete ONE official work party on a CAA water, with the exception of the following categories. Senior Citizens, Registered Disabled, all junior categories, all Non Fishing Associate categories and Trout Members. 

Anyone not completing a work party will not be able to fish until the 1st June. Trout section members will be able to fish from the 1st April (Trout Lake only) however if no work party is completed on any lake the Trout member will not be eligible to coarse fish any lake until the 1st June.

Join Online

New and existing members can join or renew there application online all you need to do is register your details and upload a photo for your membership card.

Please Note: Renewals after 30th April are classed as New Members and will be charged accordingly

Application Forms 

CAA no longer accept postal applications. Please Join Online using the link below.


Proof of membership will be a laminated membership card which will be your official receipt.
This card MUST be carried at all times when on Association waters and produced on demand
by any Officer, Bailiff, or Member.

NOTE: If a cheque is dishonoured a £10 surcharge will be made and your application may be refused.

(Non fishing membership available)

 All lakes close 14th March for close season.

2021-2022 Membership Fees

JOINING FEE Entry Fees ( All new members and renewals after 30th April )
£ 10
ADULT Senior Men & Senior Ladies (18 - 64 years)
£ 90
SENIOR CITIZENS Senior Citizens (65 years and over)
£ 60
DISABLED Registered Disabled (Proof Required on application)
£ 55
INTERMEDIATE Intermediate (16 - 17 Years)
£ 50
JUNIOR Junior (12 - 15 Years)
£ 35
NON FISHING MEMBER - ASSOCIATION MEMBER Non fishing member / Association member
£ 13
CHILD Young Junior (under 12)
£ 10

Night Ticket Upgrade

SOLD OUT B+W - C+B+W - T+M Boreham + Willows + Blunts + Cants + Wicks + Tufnell + Micklem(over 18 years)
£ 180
SOLD OUT B+W Boreham + Willows (over 18 years)
£ 100
SOLD OUT C+B+W Blunts + Cants + Wicks (over 18 years)
£ 100
SOLD OUT JR B+W Junior Boreham & Willows (12 - 17 years accompanied by senior member)
£ 100
SOLD OUT T+M Tufnell Mere + Micklem Mere (over 18 years)
£ 70
SOLD OUT JR BL+CA Junior Blunts + Cants (12 -17 years accompanied by senior member)
£ 40
SOLD OUT NON FISHING Non fishing night permit (over 18 years. Please contact membership secretary for approval)
£ 10
SOLD OUT JR NON FISHING Non fishing night permit (8 years and over Boreham + Willows + Blunts + Cants)
£ 10

Additional Upgrades

TROUT FISHING Trout Fishing Upgrade
£ 85

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For all membership enquiries please contact the membership secretary.

Telephone: 07840 881970 (6pm - 8pm)