Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do you have a close season?

A: ( Rule 14 ) All coarse lakes from the 15th March to 30th April inclusive, but NO pike fishing before 1st October. Rivers 15th March to the 15th June inclusive.
Danbury Trout Lake 1st December to 31st March inclusive.

Q: How many rods can I use?

A: ( Rule 8 ) A maximum of two rods only per member will be allowed at all times on these waters.

Q: Can I use a bait boat?

A: ( Rule 31 ) Unauthorised swimming, boating or the use of radio controlled craft is not permitted on any Association waters.

Q: Can i use leadcore?

A: Leadcore is allowed on all association waters.

Q: Does my wife, partner or family member need to have a ticket to accompany me while i am fishing?

A: If they are fishing then they will need an appropriate membership. If they are not fishing you can purchase a Non- fishing member/Association members permit.

Q: Can i bring my dog?

A: Dogs are allowed on most waters but must be kept under strict control, with due regard to litter and noise. Dogs are not allowed at Braxted Reservoir, Front Lake and Back Lake and the Trout Lake at Danbury.

Q: I have a night permit how long can I stay?

A: ( Rule 15 ) Night fishing permit holders may not stay longer than 48 hours at Boreham and 72 hours at the Willows. After this period they must vacate their swim together with all equipment and leave the complex for at least 24 hours.

Q: I am a day member when can I start fishing.

A: ( Rule 3 ) No member is allowed in the car park before 5-45am and leave the car park until 6-00am. All Members must leave the water at 10pm and vacate the car park before 10-15pm.

Q: Can i use nuts?

A: Nuts are not allowed on all association waters.

Q: Can i bring glass bottles / Tin cans?

A: ( Rule 16 ) Members may not take glass bottles or containers onto our fisheries. Tin cans are allowed. Please take all litter home

Q: As a new members when can I apply for a night permit?

A: If not sold out all new members can apply for a night ticket from 1st April Online or by postal application form.

Q: Do i need a separate ticket to be able to fish Borehame Mere and Willows?

A: With a valid association membership you are able to fish all lakes form 6am - 10pm. A night tick is required to allow you to fish over. Night please see membership prices for more information.

Q: I joined as an Early Joiner but my card expires 14th March?

A: As an early joiner you will receive a membership card to enable you to fish the remaining season and then a new card during the close season for the following year. This is due to the Lock number changing and to allow amendments to the rule book.

Q: Do I have to pay a day ticket every time I fish?

A: You do not have to pay a day ticket to fish any association waters. As a member you have to rights to fish all lakes and rivers.

Q: As a current member when can I apply for membership for next season?

A: You will be able to apply for your new membership as soon as you receive your AGM Notice. This will be sent out a few weeks before the AGM normally at the end of February.

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