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CAA Information - Please Read

This web site has been designed to give members as much information about The Chelmsford Angling Association as possible. Although every effort has been made to make sure the details and contents of the web site are correct, the club cannot be responsible for genuine mistakes.

Please remember this website will only be as good as the information you the member can provide.  If there are topics that maybe you would like covered please dont hesitate to contact me.  I do have some ideas in the pipeline that will get underway very shortly,  however at present it is important that I get the website up and running with all the information that was on the past Website.

So please feel free to contact me with your catch reports and photos and any ideas that you feel would benefit the website and other CAA members.  Tight Lines Pete Harry.


Please email all catch reports and photos to or upload via members area. Where possible can photos be sent in Landscape format and left at there original size.


In keeping with the safety campaign launched by the Chelmsford Council, the Association wishes to point out to parents and junior anglers that waterways and lakes can be dangerous, both day and night. Any youngster unaccompanied should be alerted to the dangers of deep water, steep banks, fast currents and silted bottoms. All anglers should be able to swim. Please note to clear the general vicinity of your swim of any litter created by you, or anybody else, before and after fishing, as failure to observe this rule may lead to expulsion from the Association. Glass and tins are prohibited on all CAA waters . Clubs and Associations, like ours, do not get the recognition for the work we do for conservation of river banks, inland waters and all the wildlife and flora associated with this. Boreham Mere is a fine example of what can be done to a disused gravel pit, by good management. We are proud of our achievement in providing good facilities at a reasonable cost for nearly 2000 anglers. Help us keep it this way and protect our sport.

Guest on CAA Waters

Members may take a guest on Association waters by obtaining a Guest ticket, at a cost of £10, in advance from the Membership Secretary.

Guest tickets can also be purchased online at

No guests are allowed on ANY waters before 1st August and some waters have restrictions after this date.
The number of guests on any water is also restricted.

Details Required Are:
Membership Number, Name of Lake to Fish, Date to Fish, Guests Name, Stamped Address Envelope.

Payment must be received prior to fishing, and details should be completed on guest ticket prior to fishing club waters

Fishing Offences

Fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish and eels in England and Wales requires a licence from The Environment Agency. Failure to have a licence is an offence, as is fishing in the close season.

Poachers usually target game fish such as salmon and trout, although prize course fish are sometimes taken. Fish may be caught in nets, by setting lines, snaring or even by chemical poisoning. Illegally caught fish are often sold to pubs and restaurants. The Environment Agency has Fisheries Enforcement Officers who patrol waterways targeting illegal fishing activity.

The Centre for Environmental Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) is responsible for preventing illegal imports of live fish into England and Wales. Importers can make large profits from buying fish cheaply from non-approved sites abroad and selling them on to fisheries in the UK. Illegally introduced fish may bring parasites and disease, alter natural habitats, compete with native fish for food, and cause genetic alteration through breeding.

You can report fishing offences to your local authority or to The Environment Agency via our 24 hour hotline number 0800 807060.