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RNLI Junior Carp Match 2013 - Tufnell Mere

Well this years line up was looking good, with Phoebe Stuart making another appearence, last years winner Ben Morley and his Brother Matthew were also there, although a tad late! The Kids said it was dads fault because he never rolled in til 3am! Along with the two Jacks and Kieran (who all, had yet to shine in previous matches) were here,  along with some new Faces it was anybody’s guess what was going to unfold.

The draw was done at 8 o’clock, and the young anglers were on their way to the swims for the 9am start, plumbing and a bit of baiting followed, with Kieran accuratly using his Spomb to good effect. At 9am prompt the whistle was blown for the match to commence. 

As in matches of this kind its the first fish thats caught that gets people excited and this was caught after only 5 minutes by a new lad Ben Daly, followed closely by last years winner Ben Morley. These two fished superbly through out the match, two very good anglers for the future. Keiran Stokes was also busy two pegs down keeping our Chairman Ian Stokes (no relation) very busy ( which great to see!!!) with the weighing and returning of his fish

As the match progressed it seemed that the middle section was going to take some beating, although Jack Crook and Jack Swann who were smack bang in the middle of this section made you think “have they got any bait on!” as fish were being landed either side of them.

Young Liam Chaberlian, managed to land a great fighting 12.10lb common that held the biggest fish right up to the end before Ben Daly, landed a 13.04lb common n the last hour.

Around the corner was Pheobe Stuart who was steadily adding to her impressive haul, even using 3 pop ups as a controller float until your’s truely  stepped in with one from my tackle box, which i might add took a right hammering this year!!!

Another new comer this year was Morgan Buck, who started slowly but with a little help from Lee Goodchild, was constantly getting into the fish from the middle of the match, well done M8.

Young Mathew Morley was drawn next to where he was last year, and was struggling through no fault of his own, even with help from Uncle Bob, i felt this young mans efforts deserved much better rewards.

 As the match progressed i annouced with an hour and half left that i would not revealing any more running totals, as in previous years this would make the final weights more intreasting.

Jack Crook who on only 3 fish took this anooucement to put his iphone down, and buckle down! He decided to change tactics on one rod and use a pellet waggler, firing bollies as well as pellet over the top, Well his Marshall, Mick Bearman, wished he hadn’t as fish after fish graced the net sometimes quicker that Mick could return the last fish, this was turning into a nail biter of a final hour.

caaj1.jpg caaj2.jpg caaj3.jpg

1st Place - Ben Daly ( 150.12lb )

15 x  Bags DT Baits 
1 x Daiwa Mission 12ft 6 Rod Holdall 
1 x Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backrest 
1 x Daiwa Mission 40-Litre Carryall
1 x Trakker Thermal Bedchair Cover

2nd Place - Kieran Stokes  ( 125.05lb )

10 x  Bags DT Baits 
1 x Trakker NXG 45 Litre Rucksack
1 x Trakker NXG Bait Bag
1 x Trakker Two-piece undersuit/Medium


3rd Place - Jack Crook ( 116.06lb )

5 x Bags DT Baits 
1 x Trakker NXG Bivvy Bag
1 x Trakker NXG Combi Rig Pouch





Ben Daly biggest fish - 13.04lb

Ben Daly biggest fish 

1 Ben Daly  150.12lb
2 Kieran Stokes 125.05lb
3 Jack ‘iphone’ Crook    116.06lb
4 Jack Swann 109.04lb
5 Ben Morley 103.01lb
6 Pheobe Stuart  73.02lb
7 Morgan Buck      58.00lb
8 Laim Chamberlain  47.07lb
9 Reef Cowell   27.14lb
10 Jack Daly  7.00lb
11 Matthew Morley 7.00lb

This leaves me just to say on behalf of all the marshalls, well done lads and lasses, it was a pleasure to do this again this year.

A massive Thankyou to Paul Bocking,if it wasn’t for him doing a hell of a lot or work behind the scenes you lot wouldn’t have nearly a fraction of the prizes you had this year. So thanks again Paul for helping to make this year the best ever.

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And finally a big thanks to the Marshalls 

Lee Goodchild, Paul Charles, Adam Robson, Ian Stokes, Mick Bearman, And little old me

Tite line guys and girls

Adam Thacker