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RNLI 24 Hour Carp Match 2013

Wick Mere - Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th September 2013

So here we are after the CAA's first ever charity carp match, first of all I would like to take this oportunity to thank everyone involved in organising the event and those of you that took part. Special thanks must go out to our sponsors, I must say that it was amazing to see so many quality prizes up for grabs with a total value of over £2,500! I'd like to think everyone made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, I know I did even though the fish didn't really play ball for us.

Well there we were at 09:00am on Saturday morning waiting for the draw, or should I say for myself to unwrap the team/swim numbers...lesson learned on that, I'll make sure not to screw them up so much next time! With everyone having got their swims, some happy and some not so happy, the teams made their way round the lake to set up and start with their baiting up and marker work at 10:00am. This then led to the only problem of the match, someone actually tried to cast into the swim he wanted rather than the swim that they had actually drawn, and us having to witness how much poaching he was actually doing! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... HA HA:o)!! Once ths was resolved the match got underway with the whistle sounding at 11:00am...and then we were off! Well everyone thought they would be, but the fish had different ideas with a very slow start and Simon from Bevan Tackle had us pondering the question...what would we do if nothing gets caught?. It was around 23:30pm that the first fish would slip up to team 'Cheque book Charlies' with a lovely little mirror of 11lb 14oz. This was then followed by two other teams on the west bank also having fish and it becoming a two fish race! This is what I thought any until the following morning anyway, I walked around the lake only to find team 'Bream are Ream' had also had two fish. However, team 'Pasty Power' had been secretly smashing it, keeping chairman Ian Stokes up all night with a whopping ten fish from their swim on the north bank including the biggest fish of the match, a stunning 24lb common! It didn't end there for Paul and Brad, the lads bagged another two before the final whistle! Whilst 1st place was pretty much nailed down, the rest of the teams in contension for the three runner up places were kept on tenter hooks with the thought that just one fish could completely change things around. However, this didn't happen and the winners and runner up places were finally secured, the only negative being that only five out of twelve teams caught...but hey thats fishing for you!

Finally, I'd like to say thank you again to the teams that took part and the great support that we recieved from our sponsors enabling us to make this event such a great success. You've all helped to raise a significant amount of money towards the offshore boathouse modifications at southend RNLI station. I look forward to seeing any of you that can make the time t be present when we hand over of the cheque to the RNLI , the date for this will be put on the website once it has been arranged, alng with the final figure that has been are invited to come along and please feel free to bring your children.

Kind regards 


Ashley Hall



1st Place

PASTY POWER (194lb 13oz)
Paul Crowder - Brad Williams

2nd Place

Zak Bailey - Chad Lord

3rd Place

SWD (31lb 9oz)
Jason Hockley - Nigel fisher

4th Place

Gareth Spary - Lee Kennett

Biggest Fish

Pasty Power (24 lb)


Team Peg #Fish Total Weight
Zak Bailey - Chad Lord
7 2 34lb 14oz
Sam Parker - Steven Carter
11 2 22lb 15oz
Gareth Spary - Lee Kennett
2 27lb 8oz
Lee chamberlain - Mike Bridger
0 0lb 0oz
Lee Hackworthy - Dave Reynolds
12 0 0lb 0oz
Barry Davis - Andrew Buck
8 0 0lb 0oz
Darren Wright - Gary Rawlinson
1 0 0lb 0oz
Paul Crowder - Brad Williams
10 12 194lb 13oz
Jason Hockley - Nigel fisher
5 2 31lb 9oz
Steve Williams - Doug Williams
9 0 0lb 0oz
Paul charles - Adam Robson
3 0 0lb 0oz
Lee goodchild - Barry Mann
2 0 0lb 0oz

Team Prize List

1st Place Team Prizes - Total prize value: £686.00
1 x KORDA selection of rig making materials/bits
2 x SOLAR long carbon swinger arm kit
2 x SOLAR short carbon swinger arm kit
2 x REUBEN HEATON Gem 2000 tubular scales 33lb x 4oz
2 x REUBEN HEATON Finger stools
2 x ESP 3-Rod Quivers
1 x FOX Royale Carryall/Large
1 x FOX Royale Carryall/Medium
1 x DT BAITS 15kg Bait Voucher 

2nd Place Team Prizes - Total prize value: £525.00
1 x CHUB Vantage 3-Star Rod Holdall
1 x CHUB Vantage Carryall/Medium
1 x NASH Purple Limited Edition T-Shirt
1 x NASH Black Limited Edition T-Shirt
1 x NASH Sleeping Bag Shroud
1 x TRAKKER Big Snooze plus sleeping bag
2 x KRYSTON selection of rig making materials/bits
1 x DT BAITS 10kg Bait Voucher 

3rd Place Team Prizes  - Total prize value: £360.00
2 x REUBEN HEATON Finger stools
1 x BAITZONE Variety of PVA Friendly particle baits
2 x GARDNER TACKLE Bags of various Terminal Tackle
1 x DT BAITS 5kg Bait Voucher 

4th Place Team Prizes  - Total prize value: £171.00
2 x GARDNER TACKLE  Odds and Sods Bag
1 x DAIWA Infinity Fluorcarbon/1000m/14lb/Brown
1 x DAIWA Infinity Fluorcarbon/1000m/14lb/Brown
2 x GARDNER TACKLE Baseball Caps
2 x GARDNER TACKLE T-Shirts/Large
1 x TASKA Terminal Tackle

Biggest Fish - Total prize value: £115.00
1 x REUBEN HEATON England Dial Scales 60lb x 2oz
1 x DT BAITS 5kg Bait Voucher 

Raffle Prizes - Total prize value: £233.00
1 x REUBEN HEATON Finger stools
1 x FOX Accessory Bag/Large
1 x NASH Portable BBQ
1 x DAIWA Infinity Fluorcarbon/1000m/14lb/Clear
1 x DAIWA Infinity Fluorcarbon/1000m/17lb/Clear
1 x REUBEN HEATON Gem 2000 tubular scales 33lb x 4oz
3 x MUDDY WATERS Clinga old school kit
3 x MUDDY WATERS Clinga old school kit 

Online Auction - Total prize value: £672.00
1 x NASH H-Gun 3 leg Bedchair
1 x JACK PYKE Hunter Jacket/Trousers
1 x CENTURY MK1 Marker Rod
2 x ATT Under lit blue Alarms and Receiver




CAA would like to thank our co-sponsors Bevan Carp Tackle and DT Baits for organising the prizes, but special thanks must go to the companies above that have so kindly donated such a generous array of prizes enabling us to raise as much money as we can for this years chosen charity...the RNLI.